30 Best Farmhouse Curtains Decor

30 Best Farmhouse Curtains Decor (18)

Curtains are tough to pick sometimes because they’re semi-permanent (not many people change their curtains monthly) and they can be costly.  Unless of course, you have the elusive money tree, and again, please tell me your address if so.  However, you don’t have to spend a fortune to pull your room together with curtains Follow along to see what I came up with for 30 Best Farmhouse Curtains Decor.

Because of the direction our house faces, I prefer neutral, light, and airy curtains.  And I’m ok with being pretty plain jane on this front.  I don’t want to cover my windows.  We get tons of sun in the morning, but then until about 4pm, the sun is around the side of the house.  I need all the natural light I can get and I’m not about to block it with curtains.  If I had sunlight blazing in all day, I might change my tune.

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