30 Simply DIY Crafts Ideas For The Home

30 Simply DIY Crafts Ideas For The Home (28)

If you are a fan of DIY projects, chances are you care about how you spend your money. After all, just about anything you can make with your hands, a glue gun, and some creativity could be purchased online if you were willing to fork over enough dough. That’s not you, though. You want the satisfaction of having made it yourself, plus that bonus incentive of making it for a fraction of the cost. But where is that perfect intersection between thrift and fashion, that just right balance between affordability and sensibility that will keep your projects cheap but your style priceless?

These inspiring DIY dollar store crafts achieve that exact balance, bringing out the very best of what DIY projects have to offer. They take inexpensive materials and with some ingenuity and vision create stellar décor items that will enhance any home. Your guests won’t ever guess that these pieces originated from a value store; they will simply admire what fine taste you have, and what sophisticated style.

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