40 Fantastic Dream Home Exterior Design Ideas

40 Fantastic Dream Home Exterior Design Ideas (25)

Choosing the colour scheme for your home’s exterior can be really quite daunting. Remember that your front façade is the first thing people see so it should set the vibe for the entire home. No pressure guys, but it could be make or break of your whole vision! I’ve always been inspired by coastal homes. Nothing rocks my socks quite like white weatherboard. And now that we live on acreage, nowhere near the coast, it seemed important to bring the coast and country together and weatherboard ticked both boxes.

When I’m choosing an exterior white, I tend to look at shades that are more chalky, slightly warmer tones than I’d use internally. You can get away with a crisp white inside, but your exterior is always going to be exposed to the elements. As much as you try to prevent it, it’ll end up a bit dusty and dirty, and you don’t want that to show.


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