40 Stunning Rustic Bathroom Design Ideas

40 homely rustic bathroom ideas to warm you up this winter (11)

When we think of rustic decor, we think of rough surfaces, weathered patinas, and spaces that evoke a warm feeling of comfort, relaxation and even removal from the outside world. It’s a small wonder then that so many of us work to incorporate that feeling into our bathrooms. There’s another added benefit as well. In bathrooms, which are often the smallest rooms in a home, rustic decor helps create a sense of personality with unique finishes. Sometimes one piece is all you need.

For examples, in this bathroom, the smoothness of the ultra-modern trough sink is perfectly offset by the rough look of the unfinished wood vanity. The contrast creates instant visual interest while still keeping the furnishings to just the things that every bathroom needs. Here’s a few more examples of why bathrooms and rustic decor make for a winning combination.

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