50 Gorgeous Home Bar And Coffe Table Design Ideas

50 gorgeous modern scandinavian bar interior design ideas (23)

As most people will probably tell you, there are too many reasons for (and not enough against) having a fully functional bar in the comfort of your own household. Whether it’s a basic collection of fine scotches and a decanter in the corner, a sizeable liquor cabinet with serving station, or indeed a full blown corner with wooden bench, leather-rimmed stools, neon and awnings, having a bar in the home adds that extra little bit of spice and panache to an otherwise run of the mill domestic setting. (Some would argue that a bar is all you really need at all!). Space, however, is a crucial consideration, not to mention style we aren’t all blessed with cavernous rumpus rooms or man-caves for a mixological makeover; and even if we have the space, it’s hard to know exactly what aesthetic to go for to ensure the new bar remains in keeping with existing interior motifs.

Thankfully, we’ve got some fantastic examples below on how to go about making the magic happen take some pointers from these fab selections and get that in-home bar happening.

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