60 Eclectic Bathrooms Ideas Decoration

60 beautiful eclectic bathrooms to inspire you (27)

So, you have decor ideas for your bathroom, but it’s not traditional, or modern, or anything definable. It’s filled with vintage items, a nice rug you found antiquing the other weekend, old kitchen chairs you inherited from your last move, and towels in a variety of weird, mismatched colors.

Can this work? 

Of course it can! In the design world, we call such styles “eclectic”. This name is used for every style that doesn’t quite fit with the established conventions of a style like traditional, modern, retro, etc.

Eclectic, at its heart, can really be anything you like. But in order for it to work as decor (and not look just like you gathered a bunch of stuff from a yard sale), you need to follow a few principles. Here are some ideas to make your eclectic bathroom the perfect eclectic bathroom.

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