60 Eclectic Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Apartment

60 beautiful eclectic bedroom (22)

There’s nothing wrong with a bedroom decorated in neutrals or simple white. But perhaps you’ve grown tired of the lack of color and are ready for something a bit more lively. Bringing color into your bedroom doesn’t have to mean going all-out with brights, or creating an overly stimulating atmosphere. Here are ten beautiful color combinations that look fresh and stylish, yet won’t take away from your bedroom’s restful ambience.

For proof, take a look at the bedroom shown here. Four black walls might be overly dark, but with the contrast of a golden yellow accent wall, the room takes on a cheerful glow. Mix in the teal blue upholstered headboard and touches of teal in the throw pillows, and this unique color combo has just enough contrast to look interesting without becoming too much.

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