Get Inspired By These 60 Eclectic Bar Ideas

Get inspired by these 60 eclectic bar ideas (42)

The rise in eclectic architecture created a need for interior specialists who had the skill, understanding and knowledge of past historical styles, in order to produce suitable accompanying interiors. This resulted in the emergence of Interior Decoration as a regarded profession. Prominent Interior Decorators in this era (between the late 19th and early 20th century) include Elsie De Wolfe, Rose Cumming, Nancy McClelland, Elsie Cobb Wilson, Francis Elkins, Surie Maugham and Dorothy Draper. Whilst the clientele of these early decorators consisted exclusively of wealthy families and businesses, the works of such decorators were regularly featured in popular publications such as House and Garden, House Beautiful, and the Ladies Home Journal.

Publishing the lavish interiors of these magnificent homes helped to spread the eclectic style to the middle classes, and less extravagant imitations or the incorporation of similar decorative elements became a desirable feature in domestic decoration.

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