72 Small Balcony Ideas Design On A Budget

The top 72 scandinavian balcony (70)

If you, like many, are an inner city dweller, the balcony may be your only pocket of outdoor space. The greatest benefit of a balcony is the privacy factor, as you are able to relax in the sun and open air still within the confines of your own home. Balconies, more often than not, are small in size. For the lucky few, some are large enough to house a dining set for a full outdoor experience, whereas others have only enough width to place a chair and few potted plants. Whatever the size, and with a few helpful tips, you can maximise the space you have, and create an oasis of relaxation where you can read a good book, or enjoy a glass of wine after work.

Today on homify, we are going to take a look at some wonderful ways to add life and style to your balcony. Catering for a wide range of styles and of course, sizes, you are sure to find a few ideas that you can implement into your own design. Take a look…

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