30 Amazing Rustic Home Office Ideas

30 amazing rustic home office ideas (18)

Whether you are a workaholic and insist on bringing the office home each night, are part of the increasing contingent of freelancers, are self employed, or are able to work from home, the increased flexibility of not having to be somewhere is undeniably nice.

To work productively some people need an office environment; somewhere to go to work other than home. But for those who can be just as productive (or even more productive) from home, a workspace conducive to work and away from distractions is essential. If you have been working autonomously for a while, or are new to the world of working ‘out of office’, see how the owners of these homes both great and small have neatly tucked a home office space into their houses to get cracking on one of the myriad of the professions where you can now work from home.

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