60 Creative Eclectic Ideas for Library Room

60 creative eclectic ideas for library room (59)

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“I have always imagined,” author, Jorge Luis Borges once said, “that paradise will be a kind of library.” It’s a feeling that book lovers everywhere can relate to. Sure, current technology allows us to bypass traditional books by reading via phones, tablets, and e-readers (you’re even reading this article online). And we can even skip the whole reading part with audiobooks – making daily commutes or long road trips that much more enjoyable. But for some of us, no matter how many technological alternatives are offered, nothing compares to the feel, the weight or even the smell of an actual, physical book. New books come with a great smell, as well as crisp pages, smooth covers and the thrill of the unknown. Your favorite old books have well-worn spines and pages from frequent visits and a familiarity that makes you feel like you are dropping in on old friends every time you read them again. But the tech option does have one major advantage it is an undeniable space-saver. Which leaves us old-fashioned book-lovers asking, “How do you indulge your love of books without letting your collection get so out of control that you get nominated for the next season of Hoarders? Never fear book-lovers, we have all the solutions you need right here. Read on for eight creative strategies for storing your beloved books.

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