70 Awesome Farmhouse Style Exterior Christmas Lights Decorations

70 Awesome Farmhouse Style Exterior Christmas Lights Decorations (33)

There is something so magical about the holidays. I love it when it’s cold outside and you can snuggle up inside listening to Christmas music. It might not really get that cold in Florida but I still love the season. Decorating for Christmas has always been my favorite part, and I am looking forward to it. I have been pinning farmhouse Christmas decor ideas like crazy and I want to share with you my favorite finds.

There are inspiration, and projects for every room in your house. Delight guests at your big holiday meal with one of our pretty centerpiece projects. Greet loved ones at the door with one of our festive outdoor porch displays. This list of rustic farmhouse Christmas decor ideas also includes gorgeous Christmas tree decorating schemes. For just a small touch of the holiday spirit, try one of our signs, wreaths, or miniature displays.

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