70+ Stunning Vintage Bathroom Decor & Design Ideas To Inspire You

70+ stunning vintage bathroom decor & design ideas to inspire you (59)

The bathroom is one of our favourite rooms in the house, and for good reason. It is one of the places we go to wash away the worries and troubles from day, or begin a new day fresh-faced and head on. It is for this reason, humans love a good-looking bathroom, and contrary to popular belief, size does not matter.

A good bathroom need not be of epic proportions, rather, it should encompass a few vital factors which we have listed below:

1. Access to light whether artificial or natural, this is crucial.

2. Adequate ventilation as with lighting, ventilation is equally as important.

3. Colour choice choose a colour that reflects relaxation and calmness, and where possible, choose tones and textures that suit the size.

4. Fittings & fixtures do you choose a shower-bath combination, free-standing tub, solo shower unit.

5. Water saving a visually stunning bathroom needs to be functional too.

6. Decorations mirrors, vases and candles are always a good choice for a bathroom

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