40 DIY Family Photos Display Ideas For Apartment Decor

40 DIY Family Photos Display Ideas For Apartment Decor (29)

Family photos personalize your home while also spruce up your home decor in a meaningful, charming way. Photos of you, your spouse, your kids, your pets, relatives and friends, the places you have been, and the things you have done are among the important accessories that turn cold, impersonal living spaces into a home. When you look at a photo wall, though, you might see that the shapes and sizes of the photos are varied, and they might be arranged so that repeated shapes and colors lead your eye from one image to another, but the order of the arrangement is random. Each photo in the arrangement stands alone, isolated, with no meaningful connection between it and the one you were looking at previously or the one you will look at next. The arrangement of the photos might create a pleasing design artistically, but it lacks the depth of an emotional connection. That type of arrangement can become the type of arrangement that, overtime, you and your guests simply walk past without seeing it any longer.

You can give your photo wall more emotional impact by using it to display your photos in a way that shows change and tells a story. Even better, you can display your photos in ways that allow you to quickly add new photos so that the story you are telling becomes an ongoing, ever changing one. Make it more meaningful by turning your photo wall into a family project by giving each family member a space to create and display his or her own story with younger family members receiving an assist from Mom or Dad. Everyone wants to know what happens next in a story. Curious guests will flock to your photo wall to view the latest episodes, and you will be looking for new episodes to add. Your photo wall can become a constant source of entertainment for you, your family, and your guests.

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